“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” -Albert Einstein


Rampell & Rampell professionals have a depth of knowledge and experience that enables us to evaluate a client’s operating characteristics and develop an audit plan that will accomplish all aspects of assurance engagements in an efficient and effective manner. We have earned a reputation for preparing concise, easy-to-comprehend financial reports. 
The Firm's system of quality control for its accounting and auditing practice is reviewed in accordance with the Standards for Performing and Reporting on Peer Reviews established by the Peer Review Board of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. We have consistently received opinions that  the Firm's system of quality control is suitably designed and complied with to provide reasonable assurance of performing and reporting in conformity with applicable professional standards in all material respects.  In addition, we have never received a letter of comment for any peer review performed from inception to date.  
Assurance services for our clients include:
  • Financial Statement Audits
  • Compliance Audits
  • Federal and State Single Audits
  • Performance Audits
  • Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagements
  • Forensic Audits


Business Valuation

Rampell & Rampell is often engaged to value ownership interests in closely held businesses and professional practices for purposes of mergers and acquisitions, divorce, breach of contract, lost profits, valuations done for estate and gift tax purposes, and liability suits.  When providing these complex services, we perform a variety of data analysis and calculations that must support the value of an interest in a business.

Estate Planning

The preservation of assets as they pass from one generation to another requires diligent planning and aggressive thinking. The Firm is eminently qualified to counsel clients regarding the structure of corporate death benefits, the preparation of estate and fiduciary income tax returns, the disposition of a family business, and pre- and post-mortem tax planning to provide for the heirs of an estate.  We aim to help clients achieve their goals in the most tax efficient way, which includes setting up charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts and other sophisticated tax advantaged methods of giving.

Financial Advisory

When clients have financial questions or are facing financial difficulties, accountants are often asked to assist with answers and resolutions. We provide clients with assistance by working with their banking institutions, financial professionals, and attorneys.

Litigation Support

As expert witnesses, the Firm assists the legal community in a variety of legal battles. In cases of personal injury, our particular expertise in financial matters qualifies us to compute damages and assess lost profits and earnings. 
We assist with insurance claims, antitrust damages, breach of contract, divorce, product liability, securities cases, accounting malpractice, condominium association disputes with developers, utility rate making, cases regarding eminent domain, and calculation of lost profits and "business" divorces, such as partner disputes.

Management Consulting

Through the organized effort of a highly skilled accounting team, numerous clients have been able to keep many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Saving a company money may not be as glamorous as bringing in new business; it is, nonetheless, a tremendously valuable addition to a company's profits. 
As business consultants, members of the Firm supply the expertise to negotiate loans, assist in the purchase or sale of a business, create office policy, develop partnership agreements and employee compensation packages, set up pension and profit sharing plans, or assist with almost any business problem. 

Personnel Consulting

It is often difficult for business managers to locate qualified candidates to fill accounting, clerical and other office positions. We offer a personnel selection service that includes lining up applicants, interviewing prospective candidates, checking references, and keeping pay ranges competitive. 
Within the context of this service, we provide an evaluation and testing program to assist our clients in the selection of new employees. Members of the Firm help identify appropriate compensation including salaries, benefits such as golden parachutes, pension plans, and vacation policies, as well as termination agreements. Frequently, we work with clients to create training materials. 

Sports/Celebrity Business Management

Members of the Firm provide a management service specifically designed to meet the particular needs of athletes and celebrities. These include the maintenance of all income and expense records, disbursement of funds, development of budgets, collection of income, the management of royalties, residuals and other investment income, auditing royalties and residuals, road-tour accounting, the negotiation of motion picture contracts, recording of television contracts, the negotiation and management of endorsements, and general tax and retirement planning. 

Tax Services

The tax department is equipped to assist in all areas of taxation. In addition to the preparation of business and personal tax returns, the Firm offers tax planning for retirement, new businesses, mergers and acquisitions, gift giving, divorces, charitable gifts, trusts and guardianships, executive compensation, tax exempt or charitable organizations, condominiums, and private clubs. 
The Firm's tax work is meticulous. A client's financial records are carefully examined to find ways to maximize deductions and minimize taxes. 
Members of the Firm approach every tax controversy with a competitive spirit; the Firm's winning record is a tribute to its aggressive nature. 
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