“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” -Albert Einstein

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Accountant does 'sophisticated tax work'

Source: Palm Beach Daily News
Date: August 28, 1994
Richard Rampell, 42, is the owner and president of Rampell & Rampell, a full-service accounting firm in West Palm Beach's Phillips Point office plaza. According to Rampell, the firm specializes in "sophisticated tax work," with clients including retailers, financial institutions, law firms, construction companies, manufacturing companies and condominium associations.
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Sell The Airports, Get Out Of The Food Business

Source: Florida Trend
Date: August 1, 1992
Palm Beach accountant Richard Rampell has made something of a name for himself challenging conventional wisdom. He currently is fighting the Florida accounting profession in the Supreme Court to throw out the industry's antiquated practice of refusing to allow accountants to solicit new business.
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Accountant court ruling almost certain to be appealed

Source: The Tampa Tribune
Date: October 13, 1989
Richard Rampell may be the closest thing to a maverick the Floridian accounting profession has ever seen.
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Accountant tallies up the price of victory

Source: Palm Beach Review
Date: October 6, 1989
Richard Rampell has won his battle with the state accounting establishment, but victory for the West Palm Beach accountant didn't come cheaply.
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Florida Court Rules Accountants Can Solicit New Clients

Source: The New York Times
Date: October 2, 1989
A West Palm Beach accountant won a victory on Thursday when a Circuit Court judge agreed with him that Florida laws that prevent accountants in the state from soliciting business without an invitation or quoting audit fees to prospective clients were unconstitutional and ruled that the bans be lifted.
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Bow ties, Churchill and principles: The making of a maverick CPA

Source: The Palm Beach Post
Date: September 29, 1989
Before his battles in the courtroom against the Florida Board of Accountancy, Richard Rampell fired himself up by listening to Winston Churchill tapes as he drove his 1984 Mercedes-Benz.
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Accountant wins suit challenging solicitation law

Source: Sun-Sentinel
Date: September 29, 1989
Statutes that prevent accountants in Florida from soliciting business and quoting rates are unconstitutional and unenforceable by the state Board of Accountancy, Palm Beach Circuit Judge Edward Rodgers ruled on Thursday.
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Weary accountants brace for more grief

Source: The Palm Beach Post
Date: September 28, 1987
For months, the burden of interpreting the Florida service tax law has rested on their shoulders.
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People in Business

Source: Palm Beach Daily News
Date: August 9, 1987
Richard Rampell has been elected 1987-1988 president of the East Coast chapter of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
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Maverick Accountant Makes Few Friends In His Aggressive Pursuit of Customers

Source: The Wall Street Journal
Date: July 27, 1987
Richard Rampell Is an accountant who regularly quotes Plato on free will, Adam Smith on free markets and Thoreau on civil disobedience. To the chagrin of many of his competitors, Mr. Rampell practices what he preaches. He steals their clients.
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